Maritime Consultancy

maritime consultancy

OCEAN STAR SHIPPING CO.  provides a high quality consultancy service to the maritime industry. Our consultants are distinguished in their respective disciplines and have years of real-world marine industry experience behind them. They have served the marine industry’s most well known companies.

maritime consultancy1
Our greatest strength is the quality of our staff; we are able to offer a comprehensive range of marine consultancy services through our team of consultant (naval architects, marine engineers and master mariners) assisted by our in-house technical support team.  We have the knowledge and wealth of experience to understand, and link, the many differing aspects of the shipping world day-to-day business. Our technical support team assists greatly in enabling us to provide an efficient service to clients.

Our consultants have the necessary skills, experience and local knowledge in hotspots around the world to meet the needs of our clients.

Consulting services which we provide include:

· Passage Risk Assessments
· Passage Security Planning and Reviews
· Vessel Security Assessments
· Port Facility Security Assessments
· Crew Briefing and Training

Our Regular Training Programmes include:

  • IMDG Code Training
  • Shipping business
  • Coal Handling & Shipment
  • Petroleum Loading Master
  • Coal Loading Master
  • Palm Oil Survey
  • Maritime English
  • Draft Survey
  • IMSBC code training
  • Ship broking and Chartering
  • Marine Insurance
  • Cargo loss prevention

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